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Modern Day Nurse Talent Platform

We are a small team of medical professionals, innovators and recruiters, running a micro startup part of a Compunnel Group, a 25 year old company with expertise in recruitment. We have been working closely with nurses to address some of the challenges in a lifelong nursing career. We are on our mission to help Nurses upgrade and enhance their career, and lifestyles with technology and innovation.

As part of our current offering, we are getting Nurses access to exclusive Jobs, ability to network with companion nurses, and refer peers to receive amazing rewards.

NurseDeck provides the most qualified nurses, all who are endorsed by licensed health professionals specifically associated with the application. Our database is private, so hospitals and employers can not access information, unless granted by the nurse who is applying. NurseDeck also necessitates stellar (and frequent) communication with status updates between the recruiter and the applying nurse (as well as the person who referred that nurse). No more of "my resume has gone into a black box" or "what happened to the referral I made?"