Jobhuk is a recruiting marketplace. Your open position will be seen by thousands of independent recruiters, at your preferred rate for free.

Jobhuk is not a Job board, which usually charge a fee to post jobs and you get unwanted inbound spam of resumes.

Jobhuk is a recruitment marketplace where 2000+ professional recruiters network source higher quality candidates every day. Our goal is to reduce the spam in the recruitment and make it simple saving time and money.

Posting jobs on jobhuk is always free.

The Finders Fee is the service fee you as the employer pay Jobhuk. Jobhuk in turn pays the person who referred the candidate you hire.

You only pay on a successful hire. You will have 30-days of trial period to see if the person you hired is a good fit for the position. After 30 days of employment from the day of hire, you will pay the Finders Fee.

As soon as a job gets posted, it is published to all the recruiters. Recruiters can then choose to 'Accept' your 'Invite' to work on your job. Those recruiters will then search for the best candidates available in their network.

Our recruiters are professionals with large networks of contacts. This gives us an extra large sample of quality referrals.
From these referrals we use our three step process:
Step-1: Recruiter Evaluation:
Recruiters typically submit their top candidates, they know they are in competition with other recruiters for quality candidates.
Step-2: Proprietary Scoring Algorithm:
We have a proprietary scoring algorithm which scoring reach candidate and the applicants which fall below 50% of matching criteria are filtered out.
Step-3: Jobhuk’s Candidate Quality Team:
Our in-house Quality Team evaluates the final candidates on a case by case basis. Including virtual background checks.

We are growing community of 2000 recruiters and we add new recruiters everyday.

Yes, we have a vetting process for each recruiter. Recruiters are vetted against their skill, speciality, and experience. We also verify references. Apart from that, each recruiter has a Jobhuk Score, which is calculated by our system based on the recruiters response rate, quality of candidates submitted and other activity.

The majority of our recruiters are professional recruiters in the United States, the rest can be found across the world.

During the guarantee period or the evaluation period if you find that the candidate you hired is not the right fit or doesn't have the necessary skills, you may let the candidate go from your company. Or if for some reason the candidate leaves the position, you wouldn't have to pay any finders fee. Our 30-day guarantee period allows you to evaluate the candidate before committing to hiring the candidate.

This almost never happens. Recruiters like to place candidates. However, if it does, we will send you a letter asking you to review the rates and terms of the open position.

For Full-Time positions, Finders Fee is a percentage(%) of Gross Annual Salary you set while creating a the job. You can select the Finders Fee that you wish to pay between 5% - 30%. You control your own Finders Fee. The minimum is 5%.


eg: For a $70,000 Gross Annual Salary you choose Finders Fee as 10% it results in $7000 Finders Fee.

There is a No Finders Fee for Contract Jobs. Jobhuk sets 20% of Hourly Rate as Market Services Fee for any contract positions. (This rate may change due to market conditions at any time.)
E.g.: For a Contract Job of 1000 hours or 6 Months, you determine the contract rate is $100/hr.
You Pay Jobhuk: $100/hr for the hours worked by the candidate after hire.
Jobhuk Pays Referrer: 15% of the Hourly Rate = $15/hr
Jobhuk Pays Candidate: 80% of the Hourly Rate = $80/hr
Jobhuk take 5% as Services Fee: $5/hr


A general guideline is 10% of Gross Salary.

Jobhuk is a marketplace and other factors may be considered, such as the difficult of filling the position, and the talent available in your market. For example, if you are searching for a Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer in Austin, you might want to try 14% and adjusting the rates up or down depending on the response rate.

We accept online payments using your Credit Card or ACH.
In your Dashboard, "Account" -> "Billing you can setup your payment options.
** All online Credit Card payments will have a processing fee of 2.9% of the payment.

Alternative Payment Method:
You can always send us a check to avoid 2.9% processing fee. The checks are payable to Jobhuk Inc and sent to the mailing address: Jobhuk, 610 Brazos St., Suite 300D, Austin TX 78701.

You will be able to request your invoice by emailing to invoices@jobhuk.com

Yes. All the payments you have made to jobhuk can be written of as an expense and you can issues 1099 to Jobhuk using our W9. Download W9 here.   https://jobhuk.com/w9.pdf

Yes, we can integrate into your existing ATS. You can send us your integration request at Support@jobhuk.com and we can walk you through the process.

We hope that by using our state of the art ATS (Applicant Tracking System) you become familiar with our service, and hopefully use our marketplace to fill your hard to fill positions. Of course, even if you never use our recruitment marketplace you are still very welcome to use our software.